2020 Video Marketing Statistics

This has been one crazy year for many different reasons, however where does marketing fall in the mix? How is video usage expected to change? Did you know that by the year 2022 82% of all online traffic will come from consumers viewing videos? That’s the equivalent of 1 million videos crossing the internet per second. It’s pretty clear to see that video has become a foundational component to our daily intake of media, so much so that within the past 3 years, video consumption has risen by 100% each year. Something even more surprising is that more than half (54%) of people watching videos demand to view more video content in addition to what they have already viewed.

Video Marketing Trends

  1. Viewers claim they retain 95% of a message when obtained via video
  2. 92% of viewers claim they share videos on their mobile devices
  3. 81% of businesses now include video within their marketing tactics
  4. 99% of marketers claim they will continue using video while 88% plan to increase their video spending budgets
  5. In the U.S. alone, video marketing has become a $135 billion dollar industry
  6. 6 out of 10 people prefer watching online videos over television
  7. 85% of adults use multiple devices at the same time
  8. 78% of people watch videos weekly
  9.  55% of people watch videos daily
  10. Emails are opened 7% more when there is a video included

Social Media Video Statistics


  1. More than half of Youtube views come from a mobile device
  2. Average views from mobile devices last around 40 minutes
  3. There is 300 hours of video uploaded each minute
  4. 1.5 billion users play 1 billion hours of video each day
  5. How-to video views have increased by 70% each year


  1. Users view an average of 8 billion videos daily
  2. Engagement is higher on posts with video by 13.9%
  3. 75 million users visit Facebook’s video platform daily
  4. 81% of businesses prefer using this platform for video marketing
  5. 85% of users prefer watching video without sound


  1. There are 800 million active monthly users
  2. 65% of impressions from an ad come from video
  3. 75% of viewers take action after viewing a video
  4. 72% of users buy a product when they’ve seen a video ad
  5. Driving purchases on the platform has increased from 31% (2017) to 48% in (2018)


  1. 45% of users want to see more videos from celebrities
  2. 90% of videos are viewed from a mobile device
  3. 72% of video marketers use Twitter as a channel, 84% of those claiming success
  4. 82% of viewers mainly view content on the app

Video will continue to impact our daily feeds in many different ways. It’s important to look at how these statistics will affect your own video marketing plan and how you can channel the power of video to bring your business to the next level! For more facts about video check out our other blogs here, https://www.whiteknightpro.com/blog/