2021 Video Marketing Trends

In today’s world we are surrounded by video. With each passing day we become more connected to the digital universe and find ourselves seeking more and more video content. With the way we as a society use video today, video marketing should definitely be a part of your marketing strategy. Let’s take a look at how consumers are using video and how it can affect your marketing strategy! Here are 5 2021 video marketing trends.

  1. Video Usage in 2021
    • 99% of video marketers say they plan to continue to use video in the future.
    • As many as 85% of businesses had used video marketing in the year 2020.
    • 9/10 believe that video is an important part of their marketing strategy.
  2. Top 4 Types of Marketing Videos
    • Explainer Videos (used by 72% of marketers)
    • Presentation Videos (used by 49% of marketers)
    • Testimonial Videos (used by 48% of marketers)
    • Sales Videos (used by 42% of marketers)
  3. A Shift Towards Livestreaming
    • In 2021 the average U.S. consumer has 9 video streaming apps on their mobile devices.
      • Average consumers have around 80 apps on their device at a given time, which means that 10% of consumers apps are centered around video)
  4. An Increase in Short-Form Videos
    • Instagram Reels and Tik Tok have greatly contributed to the rise in short-form video usage and consumption.
    • Short, fast paced, and energetic videos are trending in 2021!
  5. An Increase in Training & Educational Videos
    • The e-learning community has grown by 36.3% in 2020.
    • The e-learning market value is expected to increase exponentially, growing. its market value to nearly half a billion this year.

It looks like people plan on creating and consuming video in 2021 with no end in sight! Will you join in on the trend and implement more video marketing in your marketing strategies?

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