3 Misconceptions About Video

“If you’re not on that video train, it’s about to run you down, and you will be irreparably damaged.” –Kerry Barrett

While the above quote is comedic, there is some truth to it. 

We believe video is for you. But maybe you are thinking…

“It’s too expensive.”


Operator holding clapperboard during the production of short film inside a studio with young actress on stage.

If you hire the company that fits you, video doesn’t have to break the bank! 

Being clear with the budget from the onset is key; this will let both sides know what there is to work with.

“It’s too complicated.”

Director at work on the set. The director works with a group or with a playback while filming a movie

Video production takes a solid relationship between you and the video agency. You pitch in. They pitch in. But once you get over the “getting to know you” phase, they will be able to know what you like and don’t like, and craft a product you will love! This takes the stress of video out of your hair. (There’s nothing like delegating projects!)

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“It’s not that important.”

Video Production

Video is everywhere nowadays. All of the big businesses wouldn’t spend millions of dollars on this if they didn’t think it was important. They know that targeted video reaches their clients. 

“I wouldn’t know who to hire.”

Well there’s White Knight Productions of course!

Hire the team that knows your industry and has experience in the type of video you want. Read up on the reviews, of course. See what their website looks like and what other projects they have worked on. 

With the right partner, video can be a great thing for your business!

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