3 Questions to Ask When Scripting a Video

Art director checking the photos on a monitor

Pre-production is a critical time in the video production process. It’s similar to the R&D time, figuring out what concept will work best and where to go from there.

One of the core parts of pre-production is developing a script. Everything hinges off the video’s script! You need to make sure that script is solid.

If you’re in the scripting phase, here’s 3 questions to ask when crafting a script.

What is my goal?

Sometimes it’s best to start at the end and work backwards.

Why are you making this video in the first place? This might seem obvious, but is it to gain more leads, to increase sales, to promote your business in general? The goal will determine everything else is your video, including your script’s call to action.

Who is my audience?

Who do you want to watch this video? This will change the tone of your script. The young crowd will like more casual videos, but that might not be appropriate for the CEO of a bank. Do some research and find out the style your audience resonates with the most.

Where are they watching?

This builds on that last question. Does your target audience tend to watch videos on YouTube, Facebook, TikTok? This will change the style of video you create. Social videos need to be short and snappy. YouTube can host longer videos (just be sure to make them engaging enough).

Also, how long do they watch videos for, how long is their ideal length? Your script is the foundation for this.

Of course, there’s dozens more questions that can (and should) be asked in pre-production when writing a script! These are just 3 of the foundational ones. With these 3 in mind, your script will be pointed in the right direction to land results.

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