3 Reasons Why You Should Be Using Video Content

Have you watched a video today? Are you using video in the background at this very moment? Chances are, you probably have. In today’s world it’s almost impossible to go longer than 10 minutes without a screen in your face asking for even more of your time. Combine that with marketing initiatives from all different kinds of companies and video is everywhere. Video may be around every corner, however it is also a major tool. Harnessed correctly, video can be a force to be reckoned with. In this blog post we’ll take a look at 3 ways you can use video content to help reach your fullest potential.


  1. Video makes learning easy

As we mentioned earlier, marketing efforts are increasing their video usage to reach new consumers. But is video that much better than using traditional text to get your message across? Actually it is. A recent study conducted by the Nielsen Norman research firm suggests that website viewers will only read 20% of the text on a page with about 600 words. That’s not a lot of reading comprehension going on, which means even less understanding about your companies message. This is why many businesses are turning there marketing efforts towards video, why invest the time in creating a message that won’t be received by your consumer base? In today’s world people prefer to consume information through video because it’s often quicker, easier, and all around more convenient.


2. Multimedia compliments multiple viewing habits

Compared to text on a screen, video performs much better upon readability, especially when considering how many different devices exist in todays world. Video is an easy way to ensure that your consumer will be more likely to receive your content no matter what device they are using, whether it be a mobile device to a desktop computer. Increased readability becomes even more amplified when you take into account the amazing share potential multimedia content holds. Attention grabbing content can become easily widespread through tools such as social media with 92% of online viewers claiming they share content from their mobile devices.


3. Video content increases conversion rates

Any website owner can tell you that increasing conversion rates is always a good goal to have but often are unsure of how they can achieve it. Using video content is an excellent way to drive up conversion rates while delivering your message in a more memorable way. Research shows that by adding a video to a landing page you can increase conversion rates by almost 80%. The visual and auditory stimuli help you leave a lasting impression with consumers that will ultimately help grow your business.


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