3 Ways to Recycle Social Media Content

Content creation is hard. Constantly having something new and engaging for your audience takes a lot of mental muscle power.

We recommend reusing content. But not reusing content in the sense of posting the same blog as you did last month. 

Here’s 3 ways you can reuse content but still keep it fresh!


You could post a blog that takes four hours to read. Or you could split that into 30 blogs that take eight minutes to read. 

The same goes for video. You could post a 30 minute video. Or you could post thirty different one minute videos. Think ahead and plan out what days to post which videos; think of the sequence. You can even turn some of the videos into audiograms! Later on, you can share the long video for everyone to have. 


Next time you finish a blog post, take some of the key points and make them into graphic posts for social media. Then your reader gets a tidbit from the post and heads to your blog to see the rest of the great content. 


Posting the same content on different social media channels is allowed! Share the same graphic, just changing up the post text. Maybe wait a few weeks between social channels so that it’s not instantaneously on both channels. This means less content to come up with for each channel!

Keep up the great work, Social Media Manager! Your audience will thank you.

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