3 Ways to Streamline Your Video Project


Are you pulling your hair out trying to wrangle a video together? You are working with a video company, but can’t get the pieces together on your end?


Here’s 3 tips to streamline your video project!


If finding talent is the problem…

Can’t find someone to be in front of the camera? Instead of sending out a mass email to all of your employees, think about who you think would work well for this video, and send them an email directly. The personal way can be the more effective way!


Though we don’t usually recommend this, using actors can also be an option (but this will need to be factored into the budget). 


If scheduling is the problem…

If you request to film with someone well in advance, they’ll be more likely to be able to film than if you ask the week before. Pick a date a month or two out and put it on the calendar. This has to be balanced with the due date for the final edited video though, since your video team will appreciate having extra time to edit the video.


If feedback is the problem…

Let’s say your video team sends you an edit to review. You forward it to 20 people and get 20 different responses. How can this be prevented?


If possible, before the project begins, determine a person who will have the final say on the video. This person can make feedback on their own, or they can forward the review edit on to other people for feedback. In the latter case, they can be the tie breaker when one person likes the music and someone else doesn’t. 


A video project is extensive. But with some up-front planning and decision making, you can set yourself up for a successful completion of your project!

At White Knight we believe in teamwork with our clients! We want to help you have the best video project experience you can. Contact us for a discovery call!