4 Tips To Make Your Home Videos Look Professional in No Time!

Have you spent hours trying to figure out why your home videos don’t look as good as other people’s? 

With working from home, online meetings, and remote video as the new norm, it’s only natural that you’d want your home videos to look their best.

You might find yourself wondering “why does their video look so much better?” So what are others doing that you aren’t?

Here at White Knight, we have FOUR tips to help you rock your next virtual meeting or event.

It won’t be long until your home videos make other people wonder “do they have a professional film crew at home?

Rule of Thirds

Look at your video; imagine there are two horizontal lines and two vertical lines creating 9 equally sized spaces. You, as the subject, should be centered in the middle of the frame with your eyes lining up on the top horizontal line.

Being centered will make you appear as the most important object on the screen, and you should be!

Centered for home video

If you are being interviewed, you can also place yourself on either of the vertical lines that create that 3×3 grid. This will look more professional and leave room for graphics to be placed on top of the home video.

You don’t want nicknacks and other objects to get in the way of what’s really important – You!

This brings us to our next tip…


Pardon my french – what we really mean is pay attention to your background. What is behind you? Is it a blank wall? Do you have a bookcase there? A lamp?

You don’t have to have just a blank wall behind, you but you want to make sure anything you don’t want other people to see has been removed from the video.

Also, if there is a lamp, for example, directly behind you, it will look like you have a lamp growing out of your head.

Make sure that there are not any objects protruding from behind your head; move them out of the shot or to the side.

What not to do in Home Videos

How to look good in home videos


Most of the time, for a home video or meeting, we find ourselves sitting in front of our window. Why not? We have all heard that direct sunlight is the best light to use for lighting a video…right?

Turns out this isn’t entirely true. Direct sunlight can cast hard shadows on your face or, if lighting you from the back, make it almost impossible to view you.

Instead, use indirect sunlight. Hang a white sheet up in front of your window or close your blinds/curtains as long as they are translucent.

To avoid harsh shadows, make sure the light source is facing you. This way your face will be illuminated evenly.


Eye Contact

Take your finger and put it over the camera for whatever device you are using. That is where you should be looking.

Looking directly into the camera will make your virtual audience feel like you are looking at them, instead of looking at the floor, your keyboard, or your monitor.

This will not only help you command the room better, but it will also help captivate your audience.


Now all that is left to do is take all of these tips and apply them to your next home video, interview, or presentation.

People will be asking you for advice on how they can improve their own home videos because of how professional you will look!

If you still want a few more tips, be sure to watch our video Preparing to be On Camera on our YouTube page!

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