5 Ideas for Social Video Content

Videos for social media are the new normal. They’re quick and snappy and easy to consume.

Instead of sharing cat videos (there’s time for that), let’s look at uploading quality social videos.

There’s many types of content that can be included in social videos. We’ve made a list of a 5 below!

Quick Tips

Give the viewer a tip or life hack. Just know that it’s probably best to jump right to the point, skip the stuffing.


In addition to a three minute teaching video, make a 15 second social video! Throw some statistics in your video if they fit. Statistics usually work great in videos. Viewers always like learning a factoid they didn’t know!

Here’s a sample of an informative social video we created for Hale Advisors.


Product Promoting

Show the world your product! Demo it in a short video and explain why you think your viewer will love it. Social videos are great for product marketing.

Here’s a product promo social video Eureka asked us to craft.

Thought Leadership

Promote your company as knowledgeable in your industry. Share clips on social media of your insights and ideas on how certain things can be done. Just don’t share too much!

Behind the Scenes

Who doesn’t love behind the scenes? Your viewer gets to see the personality of your company and how things get done. You can even throw some bloopers into a behind the scenes social video if you get brave.

You can film social videos right on your cell phone, with the professional help of a video production company! Click here to learn more about remote video production!

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