5 Things to Avoid When Creating Your Explainer Video

Explainer videos have become an increasingly popular marketing tool among new and old businesses alike. I would even wager that most of you reading this have relied on an explainer video before. Explainer videos are great ways to help bring understanding and ease to your consumer through providing a detailed explanation of your product or service. As mentioned earlier, explainer videos are being more heavily used for marketing purposes, which means that you can no longer afford to make mistakes and get the most out of your efforts. In this blog we’ll examine 5 things you should avoid when creating your next explainer video.

-Make Sure Your Video Isn’t Too Long

:Ensuring a short and concise video will help keep your consumers attention while also giving them the information they need efficiently.

-Forgetting Who Your Target Audience Is

:Without carefully analyzing and researching your target audience it can be easy to forget who you’re even making your explainer video for.

-Skipping The Script

:Using a script is a great way to help keep your message concise while also keeping your message on track!

-Focusing on Features

:Remember that explainer videos are created to answer questions and show processes involved with your product/service. Don’t get too caught up in the fine details and speak about how this product/service can positively influence their lives.

-Sounding Too Serious

:It’s never a bad thing to take your business seriously, however when creating an explainer video don’t be afraid to show your companies personality and keep things interesting, remember viewers like to be entertained!


Explainer videos are created every day across all areas of the internet. Now while you’re scrolling across various social media platforms you’ll be able to detect these flaws in the videos you experience and be able to apply these rules to your next explainer video! For more information on how to better your business check out our other blogs here https://www.whiteknightpro.com/blog/page/4/