5 Ways to Use Video on Social Media

In 2020, the world watches over 5 billion Youtube videos a day. That is an astonishingly high number, yet not all that surprising based upon the huge increase in video utilization across marketing campaigns. Today it’s more important than ever to be using video in your social media and marketing campaigns. Video is one of the most successful ways to engage audience members and cut through the competition. Just using video isn’t enough however, it’s essential to incorporate interesting and unique components while also sticking to a clear and understandable message. In addition to clear messaging, using the correct video type for your message is extremely important. Here are 5 different types of video you can use to promote your business.

1. Interview/Q&A

Interviews are a great way to give your audience all the answers they’ve been looking for about your product or service. Have one of your team members sit down as a leader to guide the conversation or come up with questions beforehand!

2. Behind the Scenes

Everyone wants to know what’s going on behind the curtain. Behind the scenes videos are a great way to give your audience a more personal look at how your business operates.

3. Live Videos

Hosting “live” videos has become an increasingly popular trend on most social media platforms and gives businesses an opportunity to be transparent while adding an extra layer of excitement!

4. Tutorial Videos

Have a complex product or software? Tutorial videos allow for you to explain your product and help answer questions.

5. Event Videos

Event videos are a great way to show your audience what you’ve been up to or to promote an event of your own! You can edit together recaps or even promote your event live.


Video used the right way is an incredible way to grow your business and engage with your audience. Applying these techniques with the right video type will help you get your message across more effectively and in turn resonate better with your audience. For more information about video and how it can help your business check out our other blog posts!