An Expensive Camera Does Not Always Mean Great Video

Is a nice camera all you need to make a great video? Not quite. While you need a camera to film your video, if you spend all your time and money on your camera, you’ll be missing out on other key aspects of a great video.


Clean sound is vital. Spending the majority of your budget on camera gear and leaving little for audio gear is a big mistake. It is well worth investing in a good lavalier mic or boom mic and an audio recorder.

Music is another worthy investment. Music can give you something to edit off of, and can therefore set the style and speed of your video. It completes the audio side of your video. You don’t want to cheap out on sound.


Whether you are filming in 4K or 720p, bad lighting is bad lighting. It’s not just about brightness; shaping the light and the position of the light are what separates good lighting from bad lighting. You’ll need to know how to work with light to fit the setting. Learn more by reading our lighting tips from our recent blog article.


We’re not saying you should “fix it in post.” But editing is one of the ways amazing videos are crafted. Good editors don’t just throw video clips into a timeline; each clip is placed to continue the story. If you don’t “notice” the editing, so to speak, it was probably a well edited, engaging video.


Title cards, lower thirds, descriptive graphics, end cards—these can give your video context. They help the viewer know who you are, what your company does, and add extra details or emphasize important details. These can be full screen or partial screen, complex or simple. Graphics help drive the point home.


No one thing makes a video great. It’s the combination of many tools and techniques, in different areas. They all lean upon each other to build up to something amazing.