Getting Started With Virtual Fundraising

If you’re part of an organization or foundation then you know that fundraising is an essential part of making your group a success. Fundraising is a great way to build interpersonal communications within your organization while also expanding your network of supporters. Increasing your group’s funds allows you to elevate your current campaigns and consider new opportunities, however with the current pandemic and increasing shift to digital platforms where does that leave fundraising? Let us introduce you to virtual fundraising. Virtual fundraisers are just online fundraising events where participants use digital technology such as live streaming or video to replace in-person gatherings. If you’re considering hosting a virtual fundraiser, there are a few things you should consider first.

Landing Page

It’s extremely important to have a functioning landing page or website set in place to be used as the base of your fundraiser. When creating your landing page be sure to consider including…

  1. Clear donation instructions/area to donate on page
  2. Compelling headline
  3. Clear explanation fo your goals or mission

Event Theme

What about your event is enticing or captivating? Adding a theme or exciting event will help encourage people to donate to your cause while also creating more shareable content. Here are a few types of events you can use to kick off your fundraiser…

  1. Virtual Auction
  2. Virtual Workshop
  3. Virtual Game Night
  4. Virtual Movie Night
  5. Virtual Crafts

Virtual fundraising isn’t too different than hosting an in-person event. Don’t be discouraged if your event has been cancelled or reduced in size due to the pandemic. Virtual fundraising can be a cost effective way to raise money for your organization while spreading your message in new ways. Virtual Fundraising can also offer you better data and analytics from your participants while also increasing your reach.

We hope these tips help you get started with your virtual fundraiser! For more tips on how to better your business view our other blogs.