Planning Out Your 2021 Marketing Goals

We’ve finally made it to 2021! Many of you, like us, are excited and ready to start the new year and can’t wait to make the most out of a fresh start. With a new year comes new projects, goals, and challenges. In this blog post we’ll focus on setting yourself up for success through planning a marketing campaign. When getting ready for a new marketing season it can be easy to want to jump in and start right away, however there are more effective ways to conduct a campaign through planning. An effective marketing campaign essentially has 9 major components or steps, let’s take a look at them below.

  1. Determine your Marketing Goals
    1. Set realistic and measurable goals to help guide your progress and track your success.
  2. Conduct a Marketing Audit
    1. It’s important to, at this time, review your previous marketing practices and decide what has been beneficial or helpful in the past.
  3. Conduct Marketing Research
    1. Conducting research is an crucial step to any successful marketing plan. This allows for you to learn about your target audience and gather important insights to help inform your future marketing decisions.
  4. Analyze your Marketing Research
    1. Through analyzing the research you just collected, you’ll be able to determine which marketing strategies will be best suited to help you reach your goals.
  5. Identify & Decide on your Target Audience
    1. Using the research you have collected, determine who you are tailoring your message to and how you can best reach that audience.
  6. Determine a Budget
    1. At this point, it is important to decide how much you are able to allocate towards your marketing campaign. Marketing campaign budgets vastly differ from one to the next, however businesses typically use 3-5% of their annual gross income towards marketing.
  7. Develop your Marketing Strategies
    1. Now that you have your budget in place it’s time to set your marketing strategies. Remember that each strategy you use should correlate to a specific marketing goal previously established.
  8. Decide How/When you will Implement your Campaign.
    1. Create an organized schedule of when each strategy will be carried out and for how long, while also noting how much each implementation will cost towards the total budget.
  9. Evaluate your Campaign.
    1. Using various metrics and services it is easier than ever to see how your marketing campaign is fairing among the rest of clutter online or in any medium you choose to implement your plan. Through tracking your progress in this step, you’ll be able to see whats working for your business and adjust accordingly throughout the rest of your plan.

Creating a cohesive and effective marketing campaign is never a small feat. Careful planning and research often get overlooked in a rush to see results, however it is these two very steps that provide the information needed to best reach your audience and deliver the most effective message. Marketing campaigns can be a lot of work but just remember that it will only be as good as you make it!

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