A Monster SEO Checklist with Lysa Miller

When we saw this Monster SEO Checklist, we knew we wanted to sit down and chat with Lysa Miller. Lysa is the Founder of Ladybugz Interactive, a web design and consulting agency that helps companies grow sales and revenues by providing web design, online marketing, SEO, online PR, and other creative consulting services.

In Part One of our interview with Lysa, we talk about the inspiration behind this SEO checklist, how to optimize video and the impact it has on brand awareness, as well as the increased use of voice search.

Video Transcript:

When they’re talking to Google, and they’re talking to Siri, and they’re asking these questions, they want an answer.

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I’m your host, Gavin Tice. At White Knight, we’re all about amplifying voices through storytelling and in this series, we’ll be connecting with industry professionals who know how to boost messages far and wide.

Today, we’re excited to talk with Lysa Miller. Lysa is the CEO and founder of Ladybugz interactive agency in Boston, Massachusetts – a top-ranking agency in digital marketing, web design, social media, and SEO.

More than an average web agency, Lysa and her team pride themselves on being digital thought leaders and offering valuable insight into the digital marketing world. They recently caught our attention with their Must-have Monster SEO Checklist for 2021, which we’re excited to dissect in this episode. Welcome, Lysa.

So you’ve called your SEO guide for 2021 a Monster Checklist. And it is, indeed, monstrous in size. It’s packed with valuable information for businesses to up their game in digital marketing. How did you put this impressive guide together? And where should people prioritize when it comes to following tips from the outline?

My team and I put this checklist together as sort of a fun idea. We really wanted to take all of the techniques that we use internally for our own website and what we’ve done for other clients, especially over the last year, to really increase your Google SEO rankings.

So a lot of the things we covered here included some technical things that you can do to help your website rank better in Google, content ideas, analytics, and reporting was really important to us… so looking at where people are going, what they’re doing, how they’re interacting on your site, and improving some things around that. And then lastly, social media and how that really ties into your whole SEO strategy.

So naturally, at White Knight, we like to talk about video. And one of the items in your SEO checklist is to optimize image and video files. Can you talk about how to do that and why it’s so important?

If we’re producing content around user intent, people asking questions, you know how-to content, we’ve taken that to the next level and created videos around that. And that’s for, like, more engagement and to get people really involved in the content. So that makes people stay on the page longer.

The other thing is that people are not just asking these questions in Google anymore. They’re looking in other search engines such as YouTube, where they might type in, you know, “How do I fix my roof?” or “How much does a roof cost?” or something like that.

So in your experience, how have you seen video impact a company’s digital presence?

Video has been really, really great on the brand side. One thing that you don’t really get with SEO is brand awareness, because when people are searching for you, they’re either already searching for your brand, or they’re searching for something specific.

So video is actually a really great way to expand the reach on your brand, and get your information out there more to an audience that isn’t already looking for you, but an audience that you might want to look for you in the future. And so in terms of brand recognition, that’s been very huge for some of our clients.

As video increases in popularity, so does voice search. What’s the impact of this on digital marketing?

It’s really important that when you are targeting voice searches that you’re really targeting questions, and keywords specifically that those people would be looking for. So those would entail more longer tail phrases, not just “web companies” or “roofing companies,” they would be more looking for “a roofing company near me” a “roofing company in my town,” “a digital agency in my city.”

The other thing that people are going to search by is intent. So they’re going to be asking questions – again, very similar with video. When they’re talking to Google, and they’re talking to Siri and they’re asking these questions, they want an answer. So you want to make sure that your content is answering the questions and the intent-based searches that those people are looking for.


Thank you so much, Lysa, for talking with us today and sharing your insider knowledge of digital marketing. To learn more about Lysa and her company, Ladybugz Interactive Agency, visit Ladybugz.com. And to hear more insider scoops on how to amplify your story, be sure to follow White Knight Productions on your preferred social media for updates on future episodes.



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