Video Promotes Audio Tours in a Changing Travel Industry

Stories that Encourage Exploration

During the past year, the way we have viewed travel has certainly changed. And for many people, the less shared and recycled air involved, the better.

One of our clients, Travel Storys, has a unique solution for travelers looking for interesting stories and adventure right from the comfort of their car. The app works by using GPS coordinates that trigger stories if you’re near a “hot spot” and have the app open. You can learn about a region while driving down the highway, and then opt to pull off, park, and explore on foot, guided by narrators who will share with you stories of historic significance as well as local knowledge.

Promoting Tourism in a Time of Covid

White Knight has been working with Travel Storys for more than two years, and now our videos are being used to help families and individuals from around the world plan their trips. The way the audio app works is twofold. When you’re actually on a tour, the app is designed to be completely hand-free so your attention can be on your surroundings.

But if you’re planning your vacation or want to hear a location’s stories from the comfort of your home, you can navigate the app that way too. This helps with people who wish to research their upcoming trips, or who want to learn more about a particular area.

During the past year, many of the tours have been updated to provide current information about restaurants and destinations that are no longer open, and there’s also information on the app about how many entities are handling the challenges of Covid-safe travel.

Hudson Valley Tourism

White Knight Productions and Travel Storys worked together to promote tourism in New York’s Hudson Valley. This tour is designed to lead you across the new Mario M. Cuomo Bridge and through many of the charming riverfront communities on both sides of the Hudson. On the east side, the tour guides you from Yonkers to Peekskill and on the west side, from Nyack to the Blue Ridge Mountain Bridge.

The main tour is designed as a driving tour, and bike and walking tours are available in 15 towns up the Hudson River. People who use this app comment on its ease of use and on how they enjoy learning local lore and insider information. The nature of these tours and the content provide listeners with an experience they will not get from a guidebook or a Wikipedia entry. With these tours, you are treated to stories as told by locals so that you can truly get a feel for an area.


With Video, Show (Not Tell)

The use of video has become an important component of Travel Story’s offerings and we are partnering with them in several markets. Our videos are designed to spark people’s interest about an area and encourage them to stop there. You can see an example of one of the the videos in this post, and together with Travel Storys we will be partnering with more tourist attractions and municipalities from across the state and region, as more and more people discover the incredible power of audio and video as highly effective media that engages audiences and captures the imagination.

To find out more visit the Travel Storys website or book a discovery call with a White Knight Productions team member.