Audio Can Make OR Break a Video!

Video without audio can be like flowers without a scent!

Audio adds that missing piece to a video. 


It’s important that you have the right kind of sound in your video—the right tone and the right style. You probably don’t want your corporate video to have rock music. And you also don’t want your corporate video to have a stern, uninviting voiceover.



Almost every video we make has music. The music either needs to match the tone of the video or set the tone of the video. If the video is about a corporate service, you’d probably want music that sounds innovative or inspiring. If you want your video to feel more upbeat, choose a more upbeat song than what you already have. For a more in-depth look at using music in videos, click here.



Oftentimes, a voiceover will help carry the story through your video… either by only using a voiceover and images/graphics or by using a voiceover in combination with interviews. You’ll be able to communicate your story quicker with a voiceover than if you relied on text, and it will be more accessible (for individuals with visual impairments). Plus, if you have a voiceover instead of only text graphics, you can take just the audio and use that as say a radio commercial.


Just like music, voiceover artists come in different styles and tones. First, think about your script. Does it sound corporate? Is it fun? Should it be read fast or slow? You’ll want the voiceover (VO) to match your video style. We can then find a voiceover artist for you… or if you know someone that is willing to record their own voiceover, we can use that too!


Music and a voiceover are two of the main building blocks of a video. If you can set these correctly and have the visuals to match, buckle up… your video can go places!