Avoid Mistakes in DIY Video

Welcome to our Vlog! In this video, our very own Gavin leads you through three common mistakes in DIY Video. Follow his tips and tricks for a more polished video.



Hi. My name is Gavin and I’m one of the team members at White Knight Productions. Welcome to our very first blog post. This year, we’re very excited to be starting off with a new vlog series that will cover topics between marketing and business tips, industry trends and even behind-the-scenes footage of some of our video  shoots.

For our first vlog topic we’re going to be talking about three common ideas that people have when shooting video that may not make for the best video.

Mistake #1 Using Direct Sunlight

The first common belief about  shooting video is that using sunlight is the best source of lighting. Now this is a common mistake made by many first-time videographers. Using direct sunlight can cast a hard shadow and  obscure your subject. Unless you’re trying to achieve a more mysterious style you should try to use indirect sunlight or diffuse or bounce the sunlight to make it less harsh. You can do this by simply shooting on a cloudy day where the clouds will diffuse the sunlight for you.

Mistake #2 Centering your Subject

The second misconception about shooting video is your subject’s framing. Many people believe that your subject should be in the direct center of your video. This isn’t always the case in  creating the most professional looking video. Unless your subject is directly speaking to the camera they should be using the rule of thirds which would seat them directly to the right or left of the screen.

Mistake #3 Relying on Flashy Editing

Lastly, the third misconception about shooting video is that you need to use heavy  editing or animation to make your video compelling enough to your audience. Now this isn’t always the case and definitely depends on the type of video you’re trying to shoot. However less is often more. If you have a compelling voiceover and interesting b-roll then that’s usually more than enough to compel your audience to watch your video. You don’t always need to rely on flashy graphics or animations to get your point across.

Thank you so much for watching our first vlog post and we’re excited to have more videos ready for you soon. To read our blogs and to learn how you can better your business in other ways check out our website at www.whiteknightpro.com.