Behind The Scenes Of A Video Series

Are you looking for a way to amplify your brand and messaging? Do you want to become a thought leader and stir the conversation about trending topics in your industry? Or maybe you’re looking for a new way to incorporate multimedia into your content marketing?

If this sounds like you, a video series will make all those dreams come true!

What Is A Video Series?

In short, a video series is a collection of videos that have the same goals. More than a sales tool, a video series can help establish trust in your company, share your unique perspective, and encourage engagement with your brand.

A Video Series Sample

Back in November 2020, we partnered with Mint Collective to begin producing For The Health Of It, a talk-show style video series for Komodo Health, a company whose mission is to reduce the burden of disease through innovative uses of technology.

There’s a lot of steps that go into making a video series. To learn more, check out our process for the Komodo project below!

The Pre-Production Process For A Video Series

The pre-production phase of any video project is important. And when you’re creating a video series, it’s crucial to establish a game plan that will carry you through its entirety. This phase is all about asking questions and determining how you’re going to produce your desired results.

Questions To Ask In Pre-Production

Let’s look into the pre-production phase of our project with Komodo Health (led by Mint Collective)…

Why are you creating this series of videos – what’s the purpose?

  • To highlight Komodo’s expertise and drive conversation around RWE insights

What are the goals of the project?

  • Raise awareness of Komodo, its product offerings, and thought leadership
  • Broaden online conversations about the analysis of healthcare data signals and their impact on outcomes
  • Drive potential customers to Komodo’s website and into the sales funnel to learn more about the company and its solutions

How will you measure your success?

  • Website Clicks
  • Video Views
  • Mentions

Video Series Logo - For The Health Of It

What’s the tone going to be and how does that fit in line with the brand? Will this series have it own unique branding?

  • Informative and knowledgeable, not sales-focused
  • Conversational, talk-show style with interview format (loosely scripted)
  • Informal house setting during the time of COVID
  • Slightly irreverent (series titled “For The Health Of It”)
  • In line with the Komodo Health’s visual branding (with a new series logo)

Who is the audience for these videos?

  • Industry thought leaders
  • Online healthcare influencers
  • Customers (Medical Directors, MSLs, Directors of Brand Marketing, Analytics leads)

Remote Video Production

How are you going to do it? Think about format and logistics here!

  • Interview format with one host and one guest
  • Use Remote Video Capture to interview subjects across the country and remain COVID-safe
  • Record 20 to 30-minute sessions which can be edited down into smaller clips

Who do you need on your team to create this series?

  • Host: Bill Evans, Komodo’s Chief Marketing Officer
  • Guests: External experts and industry thought leaders, clients, and internal Komodo experts
  • Booking: Komodo Health
  • Scripting: Mint Collective
  • Production and Editing: White Knight Productions
  • Publishing and Promotion: Komodo Health and Mint Collective

When are you going to publish this content and how often are you going to release episodes?

  • Videos will be released on Wednesdays
  • Part 1 and Part 2 of each interview are published one week apart
  • ~2 videos each month

Video Series Twitter Promotion

Where will this series be published and how will you promote it to your audience?

  • Promoted via LinkedIn/Twitter – posts and paid social media
  • Embedded in a blog post on
  • Encourage guests/participants to promote via their social feeds
  • Post to YouTube channel

Using Remote Video Production To Create A Video Series

For Komodo Health, production looked a bit different than your traditional set-up. Starting in the midst of COVID meant that we needed to capture all of the footage safely from a distance, which is achievable with our remote video process. This also allows us to connect with guest speakers all over the country, without the need for travel.

Getting Friendly With Tech

Instead of DSLR cameras, all of the footage for this series is recorded on an iPhone. Did you know that your new iPhone can record 4K footage?!

Using iPhones makes it easy for our guests who are not tech-oriented to set up their recording device and connect to our production room. Once they download an app, we gain full control of their camera and can start and stop recording as needed.

Setting Up The Shot

Here comes maybe the hardest part of this whole process. Without a production crew on set, we rely on the video subjects themselves to arrange the equipment under our direction.

Without any natural light in his basement setup, we sent Bill Evans, the host of the series, a custom lighting kit to bring him out of the shadows. After a few test sessions, and lots of Bill walking in and out of the camera frame to adjust the lights, we were able to create a shot that puts Bill in the spotlight!

Remote Video Studio Kit

Our job is to make people look good, so each of the series’ guests also receive a kit that includes a tripod, ring light, and microphone. A test session helps ensure that everyone is prepared and ready on the day of the interview.

The Interview

With loosely scripted questions, the conversation starts! The best part? We can use the magic of editing to take out awkward pauses and accommodate for multiple takes of the same question.

Uploading Footage

Another advantageous part of our remote video process is that the footage records natively on the iPhone and is not reliant on the quality of the internet connection. Once we stop the recording, we upload all the interview footage to the cloud so that editing can begin straight away.

A Collaborative Approach To Post-Production

Working closely with Mint Collective in this phase gives us a huge advantage. Seasoned pro’s in the world of healthcare, their direction and feedback on the interview footage is key to creating a tight video that hits all the right points.

The process looks something like this:

  • White Knight creates an assembly edit of the interview footage, along with a transcript
  • Mint Collective provides feedback on which portions of the interview should be cut and provides factoids which can be used as call-outs
  • White Knight creates a tighter edit with graphics
  • Komodo Health reviews and comments
  • White Knight produces a final edit with subtitles

The Final Outcome

While the performance of this series is still being analyzed to date, Komodo has seen some immediate increase in activity. The video clips performed better than previous content on their social profiles in terms of reach, shares, and clicks. They’re also able to see that they’re reaching their target audiences!

Creating Your Own Video Series?

To find out more about how we can help you create a video series that amplifies your brand and mission, schedule a free Discovery Session with us today!