Video in Higher Education

On this Amplify episode, Elin chats with Matt Clark, Assistant Dean for Advancement at Syracuse University of Information Studies. With over 30 years of experience, Matt’s higher education Advancement and External Affairs experience has been focused on program development and delivery, advocacy efforts among corporate, foundation and government constituents, individual philanthropy, and grant development. He… Continue Reading Video in Higher Education

Creating an Online Following

In this episode, Elin chats with Dr. Chis Lee, founder and CEO of Elemental Shift. Elemental Shift Consulting is a neuroscience-based consulting company educating on brain-based creativity, productivity, motivation and research-based strategy for a healthier mindset. Video Transcript: The goal is to like, hit the million mark right, where we’ve impacted the lives of like… Continue Reading Creating an Online Following

Audiobooks For The Win!

Want to make your book even greater than it already is? Turning it into an audiobook is the way to go! The audiobook industry is huge, and you should put your book in it! (At White Knight, we can help you do this, from recording to marketing! Click here for more information.) Here’s three reasons… Continue Reading Audiobooks For The Win!

Lighting 101

Lighting is what shapes an image. It’s what sets the mood of the shot. If you are new to lighting, here’s three things to keep in mind! Three Point Lighting We’ll make this quick. Three point lighting uses three lights: a key, a fill, and a back light. The key gives the most amount of… Continue Reading Lighting 101