Tell Me a Story

It’s no secret that we are attached to our phones and other electronic devices. In fact, a recent study in the UK found that most people would rather give up the following as long as they got to keep their smart phone: sex, shoes, house keys, their partner, alcohol, a car, and… get ready for… Continue Reading Tell Me a Story

Content is King

Remember the old days of communicating with customers when you were forced to rely on broadcasting your message to the masses, whether via TV or radio advertising, print ads or billboards? You put your message out there and calculated that some small percentage of people who saw it would have a favorable reaction and buy… Continue Reading Content is King

The Power of Video

At White Knight we do a lot of things but one that we’re best at is making videos that tell compelling stories. Why is this important? I’ll get to the statistics later, but let’s start out with some anecdotal evidence that I’ve seen over the past ten years in this business. For one thing, people… Continue Reading The Power of Video

Interactive Matters

Participants connect with you and remember more than passive readers. Remember getting offers in the mail for CD subscription services? You’d get 10 CD’s for $1 and then have to agree to buy so many more over the next two years. Do you recall how interactive and tactile that whole experience was? You had to… Continue Reading Interactive Matters

On Being Engaging

Engaging an Audience in Information Overload How much information do you think we are exposed to in daily life? This infographic below (shout out to DOMO) paints a good visual representation of what’s really going on, and keep in mind that these numbers show us the amount of information coming down every single minute. When… Continue Reading On Being Engaging