Bringing a Project to Life

We created the above video for a client that has a medical practice with multiple locations. The problem was, because the practice is so spread out, some staff members were having trouble appreciating the patient’s entire journey, and how their part of it fit into the “big picture.”

The video was successful, and when this same client decided to sponsor a room at WCNY’s Enterprise America, a virtual city where middle school kids can practice working in different roles, they decided that they wanted to base the design on the graphics we used in the animation. When they tasked us with the job of designing the room we turned to our own Madi for her design aesthetic. Madi worked with the client to design the graphics, then she helped supervise the installation.

You can see some images below of the whole project, which we think came out great, if we do say so ourselves! It was a fun project to be a part of and a very unique way to think about animated video – and how to bring that out into the real, physical world.