Capturing this Moment in History

There has never been a time in history quite like this one. Our global economy, propensity for international travel, and advances in technology have created a situation that no one is fully prepared for. And yet, the stories of how we adapt, grow and help each other are amazing. Companies that once made whiskey are now manufacturing hand sanitizer. Ventilators are being made in vacuum factories and a whole army of crafters from across the country has come out in force to make masks and other protective gear.

The stories about what is happening right now are quite incredible, and some of our clients are hiring us to record and document them. One such client is the Jacob Javits Center in New York City. The city has been hit incredibly hard by the virus, and hospitals are simply unable to cope with the influx of patients. In response to that a temporary hospital with 3,000 beds has been set up at the Javits Center. You can see the impressive work of the National Guard, Army Corps of Engineers and FEMA who all mobilized and coordinated efforts to construct this hospital in record time.

Stay tuned for more videos like this one as the situation progresses. These are important stories to tell and it is our honor to help tell them.