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Play Video about Remote Video Marketing: A Case Study with Black Angus Steakhouse

Evidence in Numbers

The commercial is still, today, the highest viewed item on all of our social media. Not only did it help sell and launch the retail meat products, but it just widened the awareness of our brand across the entire United States.

Sell your product and fulfill your mission

Black Angus Steakhouse makes it their mission to provide memorable experiences to their guests. Not only are they providing excellent food and service in their restaurants – they have extended that experience to their customers’ own homes.

In 2022, they launched the Black Angus Meat Market, a retail meat program that’s available in all 32 stores and nationwide. 

To launch the initiative, we created a commercial and a cooking show series. These videos advertise the market, but also show guests the quality of ingredients and how much effort the Black Angus team puts into preparing their food. 

Short Commercials Work Better

After testing a 15-second and 30-second commercial…  It turns out that the first ten seconds is what everybody was watching. So we remastered the commercial and ended up creating a 10-second version.

Others agree:

  • Facebook reported that 74% of the value in a video is delivered in the first 10 seconds (Source)
  • A study by LinkedIn found that videos under 30 seconds reported a 200% lift in view completion rates (Source)

Ease of Experience

The versatility of what you can shoot for a restaurant was amazing and it was just so easy. We just turned on the camera did a record and had our producers with us at all times.

Shooting video with an Iphone

It was important for us to capture the quality of the food, including the “sizzle” of the steak.

The iPhone can film 4K footage. And with the tools of our remote video kits (including lights, tripods, and a microphone), we can record all the important details.

By using a mix of wide establishing shots, mid-range shots, and close-ups, we were able to get mouth-watering footage that encouraged viewers to buy a steak (or two or three!)

Remote Video Benefits

  • Cost effective and sustainable
  • Easy to schedule around crazy hours
  • Producers to guide you through the session

Watch the Commercial and the Series

Check out the 30-second version of our commercial and two episodes of the cooking show below!

Head over to Black Angus’s YouTube channel to watch more of Chef Fernando’s cooking show series.