Lighting 101

Lighting is what shapes an image. It’s what sets the mood of the shot. If you are new to lighting, here’s three things to keep in mind! Three Point Lighting We’ll make this quick. Three point lighting uses three lights: a key, a fill, and a back light. The key gives the most amount of… Continue Reading Lighting 101

Using Video in Healthcare

We believe video can be used for almost any industry, including healthcare. Here’s 3 ways healthcare organizations can utilize video. Informational If you need to reveal statistics or educate a patient, informational videos are the way to go. Videos are a solid choice for giving a large quantity of information clearly and quickly. A person… Continue Reading Using Video in Healthcare

3 Ways to Use Video as a Nonprofit

We think every organization can benefit from video. Video is all-inclusive. Let’s talk about nonprofits here. They have specific needs, things like fundraising and donor appreciation. We believe nonprofits can get amazing results using video! Whether you are a part of a nonprofit or a mission-driven company, check out the following 3 tips for adding… Continue Reading 3 Ways to Use Video as a Nonprofit