Don’t Miss Your Call To Action!

Every video needs a good one. It’s how you point your viewers to where they should go next, such as a product page on your website to buy your product. For that reason, this topic is important.

Below are 3 ways to make your call to action (or your video in general) better.


Have A Summarizing Statement

When your video is almost done, add a sentence that summarizes the video. This way, you are not just jumping into your call to action; you are wrapping up the content before asking the viewer to act. 


Link To Your Website Or Social Media Pages

It’s usually a good idea to have your website in your call to action. Your phone number and social handles can also work. Don’t forget that you can have text on screen as your voiceover is saying the call to action.

“Follow White Knight Productions on your preferred social media for updates on future episodes.”

That can be part of your call to action if you are trying to build your follower count.

Our call to action in our Amplify series is similar to this; check out our series by clicking here!


Tell The Viewer Where To Go And What To Do

“Contact us at if you are interested in making a remote video.”

You want your call to action to be clear in showing what the viewer is supposed to do, but it shouldn’t be obvious. You don’t want the viewer to feel dumb.

“Check out to see more video production blogs.

While the above can pass, it’s not ideal.


A call to action is just that; it’s the way you get people to act. If you can get your viewer to go to your website or call you after watching your video, you are one step closer to a sale.


At White Knight, we’re all about amplifying voices through storytelling. Check out the rest of our website here to know more about us!