Editing 101 – The Power Behind Videos!

Editing is where everything comes together:

Need an analogy? Think of editing like a mixing bowl or a cookie tray; it’s where everything goes and gets mixed together before becoming the final product. An editor can take the raw video clips, graphics, voiceovers, and music and craft a Telly Award-winning piece.


Your visuals will usually consist of A-roll, B-roll, and graphics. 

Your A-roll will be your main story. This will usually be your interviews or to-camera segments. Make sure this flows well. Everything else will hinge upon this.

(For tips on storytelling, see our other blog post here!)

You want your B-roll to tell a story as well. Say your interviewee is talking about how much they love their job. You could cut to shots of them walking into their building first, then talking with their co-workers, then working in their office.

Ideally, you want your B-roll to progress from clip to clip. Not only does this make it more interesting; but if done well, it can also tell a story that corresponds to the story told by your interviewee at that point in the video (Always film a little more B-roll than you need, too).


Graphics are used to enhance the story and indicate information that might be important. Names, locations, and info or facts go great on graphics. You might also want a title card and an end card in your video. 

video editing


Let the music drive your edit. Cut to the beat. One powerful editing style is to leave gaps in the voiceover to have some music swells and a montage of video clips. This gives your viewer a chance to breathe and gives you a chance to highlight a series of shots that might not fit elsewhere in your video (Maybe save some of your best shots for this section).

There are many great sites to get audio for your edit. There are some free options out there, but keep in mind the copyright. If you use copyrighted music for your video, you could run into some big problems down the road. If you’re uploading through YouTube, check out their free audio library. To learn more about audio copyrights, visit this site for more information.


Then you export it out! Going back to our cooking analogy, exporting is like putting dinner in the oven. Exporting puts everything into one video clip.


Editing is a process that cannot be rushed. It is just as much an art as filming. Each clip is placed to advance the story — the story of your business.

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