Explainer Videos… Explained

So what exactly is an explainer video and how can it help your business? Explainer videos have become an increasingly popular way for companies to describe and show consumers how to use their products and/or services. You’ll most often find explainer videos on a company’s landing page or homepage featured right alongside their product. Explainer videos can become an essential resource for consumers and have shown to increase conversion rates exponentially, especially when dealing with more complicated products. 


There are a few different kinds of explainer videos each with their own advantages. 


Live Action:

A live action explainer video features a representative from their company giving a tutorial on how to use their product/service. This video type is best suited for showcasing a physical product or a people-oriented service. 


An animated explainer video, which is the most popular explainer video type, allows businesses to be more creative and explain intangible products such as tech software.


A whiteboard explainer video, also increasing in popularity, uses animation to show text on a whiteboard. This video type is a low cost option and easy to operate. 


With these different types of explainer videos, it’s easier than ever to create a compelling video detailing how to use your product or service. Explainer videos are an excellent resource for your consumers to reference and often alleviates confusion and FAQ’s. To find out more about how you can better your business, check out our other blog posts.