Frequently Asked Questions

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Did You Know?

Here are some Frequently Asked Questions turned into fun facts.

We can shoot our own footage or we can edit video that you provide

On average we have 100 layers in our animations

We have done work in 18 states across the country.

We have worked with 74 voiceover artists.

We are a WBE Certified Company

On average we drink 3 and a quarter gallons of coffee each week. When John is in the office we drink 6 gallons.

We have worked with 553 extras.

We have filmed 5 types of animals and a Unicyclist.

Our ration of raw footage to finished video is 15 to 1 on a good day. On a bad day its 50 to 1.

In our office we have 12 articles of knight gear.

We have edited over 250,000 minutes of video.

We have done work in 60 industries.





Tell me about working with White Knight. Do I get to be involved?
What are the advantages of partnering with White Knight?
What's the big deal about brand and culture?
What do you need from me to get started?
Who owns the material after my job is complete?
Pricing and Billing

Pricing and Billing

How do you determine your pricing?
Why would I want to be a retainer client?
How does the retainer billing work?


I've never been in front of the camera before, what do I do?
Should I use a teleprompter?
What should I wear?


What does digital advertising mean, exactly?
Can you help me with my social media?
Can you help me create an online campaign?

Certifications, DUNS and NAICS Codes


We frequently work with governmental agencies, economic development councils, state colleges, or other entities that require special certifications and experience. Click here for our Capabilities Statement. We are pleased to hold the following qualifications.

WBE Certified


We are a New York based video production company. Our offices are located near Binghamton, NY, but we are available to work just about anywhere. We are proud to count ourselves among the businesses that New York State has certified as Women Business Enterprises, or WBE’s. We’ve promised to uphold ethical and professional standards. And also, partner with other women-owned businesses, minority-owned businesses, veteran-owned businesses and economically disadvantaged businesses whenever possible.

DUNS and NAICS Codes

DUNS 080297304/ CAGE 7NE11

NAICS-512110 (motion picture and video production);

NIGP-91501 (Advertising Agency Services);

NIGP-91506 (Audio Production);

NIGP-91582 (Video Production);

NIGP-96153 (Marketing);

NIGP-96546 (Graphic Design)