Happy Birthday to Us (Age is Just a Number)

Today is a day to celebrate as White Knight officially turns 11! Or is it 14? Or maybe we are 8?

The age of a company can be a tricky thing to quantify – or at least it is in our case. Let me explain. 


Why we might be 14

White Knight actually grew out of our original company which was called White Knight Imaging. We started that back in 2006 after we moved to Upstate NY from Sunny California. White Knight Imaging catered to consumers and helped preserve, digitize and transfer old movies, videos and photos. We weren’t really doing any shooting at that time, which is why I don’t usually count those first few years when I’m calculating White Knight’s age.

But We’re Actually Most Likely 11

By 2009 things had evolved and we formally filed the paperwork to officially change the name of the company to White Knight Productions and we decided to focus our energy and attention on commercial work. April 23, 2009 was the day of the Binghamton Chamber’s trade show and this is where we “officially” announced to the business community that we were “in the house” and doing business as a full-service production company.

Less than a year after that trade show we were the first ones to successfully graduate from the business incubator downtown. We moved our offices to Vestal and our team and our clientele continued to grow.

Or Possibly 8 (But Probably Not)

In 2012 we moved yet again and we also changed our business structure, from an LLC to a corporation. This might have been a formality, but it felt like another important stage in our development. Our new offices were at the WSKG studios, which allowed us to use their facilities and to collaborate on a variety of projects.

We were in those offices for another three years and since 2015 we’ve been at our current home on the Vestal Parkway.

Some of our clients have been with us from the beginning and other relationships are newer. But however long we’ve known each other, and in whatever capacity, I hope you’ll help us celebrate today.


We invite you to pick whatever age you think we are, and join us in celebrating many successful years.

We could never have done it without our team, clients, friends and supporters.

Thank you so much for believing in us. 

Here’s to the next 11 (14 or 8) years!