Have You Tried Blog Marketing?

Today many businesses own multiple social media accounts, implement search engine optimization, and actively post on blogs. There is no denying the power in reaching your consumers through digital marketing, especially with so many businesses shifting towards a more online perspective. Considering this increasing shift towards digital it’s no surprise that blogging is beginning to take on a heavier role in the marketing mix. Blog marketing is a marketing tactic used to bring new clients to a business through posting engaging and quality content. Blog marketing ventures beyond a normal blog by being specifically geared towards a target audience resulting in some businesses operating completely from a blog!

With most marketing tactics there are usually some pros and cons that you should consider before investing time and resources. With that in mind let’s take a look at some of the pros and cons of blog marketing.


  1. Simple to Use: Easy for consumers to operate and easily accessible!
  2. Relatively Inexpensive: Cost effective way to implement your marketing plan or keep your consumers up to date with your latest business efforts.
  3. Builds Relationships: Posting frequently allows you to build the trust of your consumers through transparency and engagement.
  4. Increases Website Traffic: Blogs are a great way to bring more consumers to your website by consistently providing engaging content.
  5. Improves SEO: Google uses and ranks new content to determine search result rankings which can be influenced by frequent blog posts.


  1. Time Consuming: Writing about new content often requires research which can become timely.
  2. Needs Consistent New Content: It can become difficult to come up with quality content on a weekly basis to keep consumers engaged.
  3. Building a Reader Base: When you’re starting out it can be difficult to gain a strong reader base that continually reads and/or shares your content. Expect the process to take a little time before you really start seeing results!

Getting started with your own blog is a great step towards increasing your marketing efforts and opening up a new line of communication with your consumers. Creating your own blog is easy with sites such as wordpress, and convenient to link with your companies website. Do you think you’re going to give blog marketing a try?

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