Healthcare Marketing Behind The Scenes

In this episode of Amplify, Elin Barton talks with Zoe Dunn about healthcare marketing. Zoe Dunn is  a Digital Marketing and Communications professional with 20 years experience and President and CEO of Hale Advisors.

Hale Advisors is the leader in Digital Governance for life sciences marketers. Since its founding in 2010, Hale Advisors has focused on removing the friction between promotional reviewers and omnichannel marketing teams at pharmaceutical, biotech, and medtech companies.



I’d really like to see marketers think strategically about where they want to be, so that they can create the very best content to be present in those channels in a way that is going to be engaging.


This is like the era I guess of digital marketing, it’s at the heyday. Is it so in a pharmaceutical advertising and life science advertising as well? And is there anything specific to your industry where digital marketing fits really well?


Yeah, it’s such a good question. And it’s, you know, this is something we spent a lot of time thinking about, actually, is how we can make the digital platforms that much more valuable for the industry to be able to communicate.

So the short answer for you is this, we are all patients. If you’re not a patient right now, you will be a patient, unfortunately, you know, of something.

So the opportunity for the pharmaceutical industry is to help you get to the information you need to make an informed decision about your condition or your loved ones condition in a really timely manner. And this is where there’s such a great opportunity for digital.

So the big buzz in the industry right now is around omnichannel, what they call omnichannel marketing. And omnichannel is, is just digital, it’s digital and non-digital marketing in a much more personalized way.

So that the user is getting served up the best, most relevant information to them where they are when they are looking for it. And that requires collecting a lot of data, which is a whole other issue. And trust me, privacy is like key in my mind, especially in terms of digital marketing. But but the opportunity is there to become that much more personal and relevant about something that’s important to you.

So I always use the example, I’m blessed that I don’t suffer from any super serious medical conditions, at least not ones that I can’t manage, right, but the one that I always use as a great example that I’ve been suffering from since I was a young person is migraine. So I’ve had migraines forever, they’re actually very managed now, but in the thick of it, in my 20s 30s 40s, when they were very intense, and they were very frequent, and they would last three days at a time, I was pretty desperate for a solution.

And that is the kind of health patient that we are looking to try to reach out to, we are trying to figure out when they’re looking for information, how we can serve up the best information so that they can make a really good decision.