Holiday Marketing Trends

Every year around this time people venture out into the cold to find the perfect gifts for their friends and families. In normal circumstances, businesses would be gearing up their marketing efforts towards bringing as many consumers into their stores as possible for in person sales. Unfortunately with the Covid-19 pandemic, this holiday season will look a little different and in turn the marketing actions taken to combat this retail horror story will have to become a little more creative. Like we mentioned before most businesses would be getting ready to expect large numbers of consumers flocking to stores, however with social distancing restrictions and other Covid-19 safety precautions we’re seeing businesses shift efforts towards online sales and distribution. According to Morning Consult, 71 percent of people in the U.S. will engage with holiday traditions, but with smaller gatherings. Furthermore, many families will also participate in virtual gatherings for the holiday season.

Ad Messaging

Each year when the temperature drops and tiny white snowflakes fall from the sky it’s not hard to predict what kind of advertising efforts we’ll be subjected to across every form of media streaming. I’m sure people dressed as Santa come to mind along with a particular reindeer leading the way to your favorite store with only the help of his glowing blinking nose. While both of those images are all to easy to expect, this year we can expect to see a different kind of messaging in our holiday ads. With the current climate of world, we are seeing many businesses shift towards a softer, kinder, and more genuine form of ad messaging. Instead of the usual commercialistic efforts made by numerous companies we are seeing heartwarming and compassionate sentiments of togetherness and unity during these challenging times.

We here at White Knight hope that you and your loved ones stay safe and warm this holiday season!


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