How Do Reviews and Finals Work?

Reviews and finals — they’re as easy-as-pie!

No, we’re not a pastry company, but we’ve setup a process for clients to review their videos that’s as-easy-as… well, you get it. This process makes it possible to view, comment, provide feedback, and approve videos; keeping clients informed through the entire process.

The pie starts with our clients having gone through the process of finalizing the pre-production of a video, which include: scripts, video and image content, brand elements, etc.

Next up is creating a rough-draft of the video, which we will have ready in a few days. These rough-draft videos will be labeled “Review_1 or Version_1”. Getting access to these videos is as simple as opening the review link that we will send when the video is ready for review. The video review website allows clients to view the video, write comments and feedback, and let us know if there are changes needed for the second version (“Review_2, Version_2”).

When a video is fully approved by the client, it’s time for the last ingredient! The final version of the video is uploaded, and a link to download the video will be sent. Voila! The video is done and ready to attract some eyeballs.

Now, it’s time to track down some non-metaphorical pie…