How Much Does a Video Cost?

We get asked that question all the time.

And the answer isn’t one you want to hear, because here it is: It Depends.

It’s kind of like buying a car or a house. There can be a huge range of prices based on your model, features and must-have options. Are you willing to do some of the work yourself or do you want to hire a team and have it all done for you?

When we are pricing out video projects our biggest out of pocket expenses are measured in time because they are directly related to paying the team members who work on your project. And although labor costs are our biggest (but far from only) expense, this is also the reason you want someone like White Knight on your side. A team of skilled creative professionals working on your project will always produce the best results. We share ideas, give each other constructive feedback and continue to raise the bar on the quality of our work and customer satisfaction.

When calculating the price for a project we consider many things.

  1. First, we factor in the creative work that goes into the concept, script and storyboard for a project. But before cameras roll or animation begins there is also a lot of logistical work and planning that have to take place.
  2. Next, we consider production itself. Are we hiring actors, securing locations and permits? Do we need multiple cameras or special equipment like drones or specialty lenses or lighting? Will we be bringing a make-up artist and teleprompter assist? OR are we using our new remote studio set up which is a more cost-effective model?
  3. If your video is an animation or if it includes animation we consider the complexity and projected time required to complete the project using our tried and true systems and process.
  4. If your video is live action, it will require editing and may also need motion graphics or supplemental animation. The cost of editing is NOT necessarily directly related to the length of the final video. While it is true that it will take much longer to edit a 50 minute video than a 5 minute one, sometimes editing a shorter piece – a 15 or 30 second commercial for example, can be much harder than editing a 90-second social media video.
  5. And finally, our goal is to see your video succeed so we like to help advise you on how to maximize your reach and impact. The advising is part of our standard service, but if we are doing the placement and promotion for you that will also factor into the price of your project. And that investment, in turn, will feed back into improving your ROI as well.

We hope this helps to clear up that age-old question about the cost of video production. The truth is that there is a solution for just about every budget. If you’re thinking about starting a project please contact us to talk about your options today!