How to: Get Started on Your Animation Project


Animations have many layers (pun intended). The animation process does not start in the animation software though; it actually starts on a call with you!


Here’s a 10,000 foot view of how we typically work on an animation project here at White Knight.


Phase One – Discovery

We learn more about you and discuss messaging, strategy and content development. We’ll talk about whether your animation should be a 2D animation, 2.5D animation, or a 3D animation. (Click here to learn the differences!) We also set objectives for your animation during this phase, like who your ideal client is and where the video will be hosted. 


Phase Two – Storyboard and Scripting

Our team will likely create a storyboard, which is essentially still frames of your animation. Animations typically have a voice over, so we will write the script and find a voice over artist also. Once you approve the storyboard, script, and voice over artist, our animators will start their work!


Phase Three – Review Edits

We’ll beaver away at getting a review edit to you. We’ll send you that edit and then collect your feedback. This is the time to let us know if any graphics need to be changed or if the music isn’t quite what you had in mind. We’ll complete your notes and prepare the video for final export.


Phase Four – Final Video and Implementation

Here, we celebrate the final edit! We’ll guide you with what to say in the post/webpage surrounding your animated video, and which platform is best for hosting your video. 


All ready to get started on your animation? Contact us for a discovery call!