How To: Increase Brand Awareness With Video

Brand awareness is all about getting your brand in front of people’s eyeballs and into people’s memory. If they remember you positively, they will be more likely to buy from you.

If you want some tips to expand your brand reach, keep reading!

Use Every Kind of Video There Is (Within Limits).

Video is such a great tool to increase brand awareness! Social videos, homepage videos, TV commercials, audiograms—you name it! The more content you can push out, the better off you will be. Regular, consistent content is the name of the game.

You can also make a flagship company video that shows, “This is who we are!” Or consider using boosted posts on social media if that lines up with your marketing strategy. You can use video brochures, where a video screen is embedded into a physical brochure. Use your imagination for where to put a video!

Make Sure Your Fonts and Logo Are Consistent Throughout All Your Content.

Your logo, colors, and fonts are who you are. These are key to making people remember you. Put your fonts and a splash of your primary colors in all of your content. Try to use the same style of graphics, whether they have clean lines or are more jagged. Viewers notice branding!

Make Sure the Tone of Your Videos Are Consistent

…both with your branding and with your other videos.

Choose a style of video or voice to match your brand, whether that tone is a pleasant business, a funny comedy, or a military camp.

Think about things like if you want all your videos to look smooth (with gimbal shots) or more raw (with handheld shots). If you make a series of videos that all look consistent, people will start to recognize your brand.

Many companies have a specific jingle or special music that they use in their content. These are very memorable, as I’m sure you could think of some right now! Maybe choose one song to put in all of your videos. Or go full-on jingle!

Bottom Line

For brand awareness, you want to consistently make brand-consistent videos. This way, your viewer will recognize you and remember you. Once your viewer reaches this step, they are already in your marketing funnel and on their way to purchasing from you!

Are you ready to start using video to increase your brand awareness? Contact us and we can help you launch your brand!

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