How To: Start Using a Teleprompter!

A teleprompter is like any other piece of equipment on a video set—it’s there to support you and make you look your best!


A teleprompter can help you recite a large volume of information without you having to memorize it. Also, if you want to give your audience well-worded information, try using a teleprompter since you can write your script beforehand! 


Here’s some tips for using a teleprompter!


Before you record, you need to get two big things correct—the font size and the scrolling speed.


Too small font, and you will be straining your eyes, which will be noticeable by the viewer. Too big font, and sometimes the teleprompter will be too fast then too slow based on the size and verbal complexity of the words.


Too slow scrolling speed, and you will out-read the teleprompter. Too fast, and the teleprompter will speed past you!


You need to find the sweet spot for you. If your teleprompter gives numerical values for font and speed, write those down so you remember for your next recording. 


Practice, practice, practice. You might not sound like a news anchor on day one, but that is okay! The more you do it, the better you will get. And don’t forget to smile!


Try recording yourself and then watch the footage to see how you did. Or even have the camera operator or teleprompter operator give you feedback as you go. There’s a couple things you need to ensure you nail down.


You still need to show enthusiasm when using a teleprompter. You don’t want to sound like you are reading! Act like you are talking to your best friend!


Enunciating the important words is key. It may be helpful to read each segment before you record it, so that you know what words to add inflection to, and you’ll have a general flow of the script in your mind while you are reading it on camera.


A teleprompter isn’t best for every video (videos showing emotion, etc), but when it’s used well, your video becomes more succinct and well-delivered!

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