How to Tell a Great Story

We tell stories to our friends and family every day. We go into detail about our days at work or reminisce about scoring that winning goal. Telling stories is how we connect to each other and pass along information. When it comes to telling stories about your business, it can become more difficult to keep your listeners attention. Storytelling in a business setting persuades and compels the audience members to either use a product or service. 


In today’s world of online marketing there are enough stories to captivate an audience for a lifetime, so how do you cut through all of the clutter? One of the first tricks you can use to retain attention is to stay away from using analytical terms or facts and figures. While it can sometimes be important to include a statistic to help convey your message, studies have shown that this type of information doesn’t stick in consumers minds. It has been found that telling stories allows the audience member to connect their own emotions and feelings to the information they are listening to, which makes it easier to remember. 


When you are telling your story, be sure to start with a MESSAGE. Centering your story around a single message will allow you to deliver a more clear and cohesive idea to your consumer. 


Another thing to remember when sharing your story is to USE YOUR OWN EXPERIENCES. By reflecting upon past experiences you are able to deliver a more genuine story and provide growth from the knowledge you gained from past failures. 


Another great storytelling tactic involves HIGHLIGHTING A STRUGGLE. When telling your story, providing a conflict can allow the listener to make up their mind about what is right and wrong and ultimately push them to action if you are compelling enough. 


Lastly, don’t be afraid to REHEARSE your story! Practice makes perfect and storytelling isn’t always easy. 


Storytelling is a great way for any business to connect with their audience and help promote their message. For more blog posts with tips for your business visit us here: