Attract and Keep the Right Talent

In today’s tight job market it is harder than ever to find and attract employees with the right skill set and experience. That’s why creating a video that shows – and not just tells – your audience about your culture, and allows viewers to hear directly from your team members, can be a highly effective tool to attract the right kind of applicants and get them knocking on your door.

Then, once your hires have been made, New Hire videos can make the onboarding process easy and stress-free. And it’s been proven time and time again – better onboarding leads to happier employees and significantly better retention rates.

HR Has Better Things to Do

You’ll quickly recoup your investment in the video production when you find that your staff no longer has to spend valuable time training the same material over and over again. And video training programs also ensure consistency as your business expands to additional departments or multiple locations.

When you begin using customized video trainings instead of live trainings, you ensure that your new employees are receiving pertinent information in a consistent and effective manner. This is particularly important if you’re looking to scale or franchise your organization. Well-produced training videos ensure brand and content consistency. No detail will be missed in your onboarding process once your videos have been produced and are in use.

Limit Your Liability with Trackable Video Training

Ongoing training and safety concerns can be addressed with continuing video training for your employees. As an employer you can limit your liability and risk of a lawsuit with videos that contain critical information that will help keep your employees safe. Ask us about hosting your videos on a Learning Management System, or LMS, where your SCORM-compliant videos are hosted, your employees’ participation is tracked and test results are recorded.


Finding the right job applicants can be tricky in a time of low unemployment and a workforce that is frequently on the move – both economically and geographically. Did you know, for example, that studies have shown that up to half of new hires are looking for a new job on the first day of their current job? Employers have a much better shot at both attraction and retention when they are able to accurately convey the company’s cultures and values, and to attract those who are a good and authentic match.

As a regional bank that’s competing with national and international institutions in a quest to attract the brightest young graduates, NBT Bank turned to video to allow past and current members of the Management Development Program to speak about its benefits and value. This video was then shown at recruiting events and on the bank’s YouTube channel and website.


Welcome new employees as you introduce them to your company, culture, and policies with
our interactive employee handbook and other important supporting materials designed to
make the transition to your company smooth and easy for everyone involved.

Employees who are given a well-defined onboarding are 69% more likely to stay at a company for at least 3 years.

A busy construction company, Streeter Associates wanted to both onboard new hires efficiently, and also limit company liability by proving that the company is being responsible by taking measures to present important information to employees. Currently all new hires watch this video as part of the hiring process. The video was intentionally created in a modular manner so that if regulations should change over time, the video can easily be updated.

Internal Communications

One of the issues that commonly occurs when companies expand and grow is that employees lose sight of the organization as a whole, and how the various components all work together. In a case like this, an animated “infographic” type video can be used to communicate your company’s mission while giving employees an overview of how the various jobs or departments all work together.

A growing orthopedic practice with more than 600 employees, Syracuse Orthopedic Specialists was struggling with a way to convey not only the importance of each and every position, but also how all of these positions work together to serve patients in the best possible way. This video is now shown to new hires and in internal training sessions.

Training or Instruction

Did you know that companies investing $1,500 or more per employee per year on training
average 24 percent higher profit margins than companies with lower yearly training investments?

Have training needs specific to your company or industry?

Go in depth with interactive training for your employees. With the option of creating SCORM-compliant interactive videos that can be hosted on your Learning Management System or ours, this allows you to create a dynamic message using video, animation, voiceover and onscreen text. Let our experienced script developers turn your materials into messaging that your employees will relate to and remember.

We were asked to create a video that would help ER staff become aware of the importance of working as a team, and how seemingly simple actions could be the difference between life and death.


Nothing is more important than the safety of your employees and others who may be affected by your work. Live in-person trainings are valuable for employees, but scheduling difficulties and logistics often mean that an alternative way to deliver the information and measure results should be considered.

Our programs use information that is specific to your company, with your branding and policies
delivered via an interactive platform for maximum employee retention and results.
Consistent thorough safety training decreases work place accidents. OSHA has found that
the majority of states that have implemented safety training incentives or requirements
have seen, on average, a 20% reduction in workplace injuries and illness.


  • Great company - we've worked with them on video projects and they delivered great products!! We're very happy with past work and looking forward to future projects.
    - Carol Cundey, Eureka!
  • I had the pleasure to work with White Knight Productions for a training video project. They were very professional and easy to work with. Their creative work exceeded our expectations and we were overall very pleased. We will for sure use them in the future for other video projects.
    - Ben Fichter
  • Our experience with White Knight Productions was extremely positive. They produced a 25-minute long Orientation Video that we use when hiring new employees. Our company, Streeter Associates, had never created a video before. Elin, John and their team were invaluable in helping us develop and conceptualize the content. They were quick to produce the first draft and worked closely with us to make refinements until we had a final product that was exactly what we had hoped for. Since working with White Knight Productions, we see the value of using video as a communication tool and plan to continue with additional projects in the future. If you are looking to have a video produced, I encourage you to contact Elin and learn more about their experience and capabilities.
    - Rob Stanton, Streeter Associates