Kick Off Your Video Project!

production team working on a video project

At White Knight Productions, we view video production as a collaborative effort. Both the client and the video team should give and receive ideas, suggestions, and information. You might be wondering…“What do you need from me to get started on my video?”

Your Time

First of all, we need your time. We need some of your time up front so we can get to know you and your business. Phone calls, emails, and even in-person meetings are sometimes required to determine your goals and solidify your concept.

Your Vision

We’re not talking about your eyes. But in a sense, we are. We want to know where you see these videos going, whether that be social media, TV, or your website. We also want to know what your ideas are for the videos. How do you envision them looking? Will they be live-action videos, or animation videos? Will the style be professional or casual? If you’re writing a script or storyboarding, we’ll need those to get started. Of course, we can help you with all of these. Contact us and we can brainstorm together!

Your Branding

Your branding shows who you are as a company and it’s essential that your videos display your company’s brand accurately. The biggest ways we do this are with your logo and style guide. We’ll put your logo on the end card of the video, and use your fonts and brand colors for lower thirds and graphics. Vector file logos (.ai or .eps, for example) work the best. Also, a PDF style guide gives us so much useful information. Ideally, that should contain your corporate fonts, logo usage instructions, colors, and anything else that defines your brand.


This may seem like a lot, but don’t worry; we don’t need all of these in the course of a day! But the more you help us, the quicker we can deliver your video to you. After you’ve given us these key things, you’ll be in the fast lane towards receiving your first edit.

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