Leave A Lasting Impression With Video Brochures

Stealing The Show With Video Brochures

Sometimes you have to do something different to get noticed. What better way to stand out than with a video brochure?

In this episode of Amplify, we sit down with Adam Hazelwood of Curveball Printed Media, who explains what a video brochure is and what type of message creates the biggest impact.

Video Transcript:

And as soon as the video brochure is opened, and that screen switches on and comes alive, all eyes are on the screen.

Welcome to Amplify

Welcome to Amplify with White Knight Productions. I’m your host, Gavin Tice. At White Knight, we’re all about amplifying voices through storytelling. And in this series, we’ll be connecting with industry professionals who know how to boost messages far and wide.

Today, we’re very excited to talk with Adam Hazelwood. Adam is the founder and VP of Sales at Curveball Printed Media, one of the top three video brochure vendors in the US. They believe the element of surprise is key to making an impact. Which is why their products not only convey an important message but also deliver it in a unique and novel way. Welcome, Adam.

So Adam, to start us off, can you explain what a video brochure is, and maybe even show us what one looks like?

Well, let’s, you know, cut to the chase. This is what a video brochure looks like. This is a straightforward eight-by-six hardcover video brochure. You can see that we have a charging point here that connects the video brochure via USB port to your desktop or laptop; to enable you to interchange the data on the device and also to recharge the battery which is contained within.

Video Brochure Sample

So if we open up the video brochure. What you have in this particular device is a five-inch LCD screen, which is controlled by buttons. Here we’ve got a play/pause, a rewind, and a volume up, and volume down button.

And on this particular piece as well, we have a pocket, which was, on this particular edition, designed to house an invitation that was to a seminar. So that is simply what a video brochure is. We do them in lots of different shapes and sizes, from the large to the very small.

Why do video brochures work? Well, I don’t know about sealing the deal. They tend to be used for projects and services valued in the tens or hundreds of thousands or millions of dollars. It’s not a consumer marketing piece. But the reason why they work is, they are an attention grabber.

When a video brochure arrives through the post or is handed to you by a representative, it really has an impact. There is no need for any downloads, any software installation, to plug it into an electricity point. You know, you literally, as you’ve seen, you open the cover and the magnet in there activates the video automatically.

It is, you know, robust and simple. And that’s the key to why video brochures, which have been around for about ten years now, have steadily increased in turnover.

What are some of the components that make a video brochure successful, and are the best video brochures sending a certain kind of message?

From a promotional perspective, keep the print and the message really simple. With a video brochure, you have to remember that the video is king. And as soon as the video brochure is opened, and that screen switches on and comes alive, all eyes are on the screen. So if you try and cram lots of print messages in there, it’s just going to get lost. It makes the video brochure look untidy. And focus your efforts on the actual video content.

What are some videos that you would advise your clients to use for their video brochures, and have you seen any types performing better than others?

Keep it funky. Keep it light. Keep it personal. Keep it quick. Keep it short and concise. And try and get some kind of call to action in there because, you know, you really do want to encourage the second stage. The video brochure is not the be-all and end-all.

It’s not going to close the deal for you. Oh, I wish it could! But if you can use a video brochure to try and get some kind of reaction, be it a phone call or schedule a meeting, whatever it might be. Get online, visit the web page, relevant web page, fire a QR code that they can shoot with their phone—all well and good.


Thank you so much, Adam, for sharing your expertise in the world of video tech products. To learn more about Adam and his company, visit curveballprintedmedia.com. And to hear more insider scoops on how to amplify your story, be sure to follow White Knight Productions on your preferred social media for updates on future episodes.



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