Laundry Cares Literacy Summit 2020 Video

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A Unique Problem

The Laundry Cares Foundation came to White Knight Productions with a unique problem. Their yearly Laundry Cares Literacy Summit for 2020 was fast approaching. However, due to the ongoing pandemic, they had to move their event to a digital live-event platform. To do this, they utilized the services of Advanced Events and their eNetwork series, which helps to foster continual engagement for events similar to the Laundry Cares Literacy Summit. What they needed from White Knight Productions was a promotional video to both highlight the work that Laundry Cares does for communities across the country, and to bring awareness to the online event to drive online attendance.

An Innovative Solution

Scheduling a video shoot on-location was not feasible due the circumstances of the pandemic. As a solution, White Knight worked closely with Laundry Cares to collect and organize their previously created promotional content from previous years. It was from this collection of footage that their promotional video was created. Close attention was paid to use this older material in such a way as to not create similar looking content, and to have the video feel fresh in the eyes of those who may have seen their previous materials. Time was taken to craft a narrative that spoke to the work the organization did, and appeal to a wide audience.

Outstanding Results

As a result of this collaboration, the video White Knight produced had a marked impact on the online event: increasing the attendee count by 673%, creating 371 new 1:1 attendee connections within the online-platform, and quadrupling the number of Action Plans submitted compared to previous years. Despite the limitations of the pandemic, the video was a success, bringing awareness to the good work done by the Laundry Cares Foundation, and giving their event the boost it needed during these difficult times.


White Knight took our ideas and made a cohesive, compelling and captivating story of them. By turning our talking points into an actual story, White Knight was able to appeal to a wider audience and help us show the depth of our work. Their whole staff was professional, smart and savvy and made this process as seamless as possible. I would recommend White Knight Productions to anyone looking to tell their organization’s story in an authentic way.” Five stars!

Liz McChesney – Laundry Cares Foundation

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