A Video Package? Turn 1 Video into Practically Free Content!

So you’ve made an amazing video! Now what? 

Videos don’t have to be one-and-done deals. There is so much potential content just waiting to be used! Videos can be turned into social media posts, blogs, and even smaller teaser videos. This is what we call a video package!

Here at White Knight Productions, we can create not only a full-length video for you but also teaser videos and any graphic you might need to promote the main video on your social media. This video package can be applied to any video you need. An interview, a Q&A, a commercial—the list goes on and on!

Take our Amplify series for example.

In this series, we sit down with industry professionals so they can share any valuable tips and experiences that helped lead them to success. After we’ve gotten the main edit of the interview down, we then run it through Otter to create a transcript.

With this transcript, we can then easily search for quotes that we want to pull from the video and turn into graphics. We’ll also turn the transcript into a blog post. In formatting the blog post, we write a short introduction and then paste the video transcript down below.

We also found that we can easily use stills and/or graphics from the video and add them to the blog. They really up the overall production value!

Check out what the blog could end up looking like here.

For our Amplify series, we created social posts that tease the title of the video we are about to put out. For example, this was shared on our Instagram, Facebook, and Twitter accounts.


Video package title graphic


We also created graphics that pull quotes directly from the video. These are also shared on all of our social media pages.


video package quote graphic


All of these graphics have a similar look so that our video series becomes instantly recognizable! When creating a video package, you should create a strong, unified look to build brand familiarity.


Apart from the graphics created to promote the main video, the video package also includes short videos, usually around 20-40 seconds long, that show a clip illustrating what the main video is about. These social videos can be either direct quotes from the main video or, in this case, quotes not featured in the main edit but that encapsulate the main video.



That is what this video does; it introduces video brochures to our followers but doesn’t give away the points made in the main video. Instead, it works to supplement the main video, complementing the content to come.

After sharing the content from our video package, after all that build-up, it becomes time for the main event. The video goes live!



While we only make two graphics and one teaser video for our video packages, that might not fit your need. That’s one of the great things about video packages—they can be customizable!


So what are you waiting for? Video packages take your already amazing video and create content that you can use however you see fit!

If you have any questions about video packages, feel free to contact us here.