You Need Video in Your Marketing Mix

Here’s a bold statement for you: There is not a business in existence today (at least not one that we know of) that would not benefit from using videos to market themselves. And during the past ten years we’ve worked with a lot of businesses, from nanny agencies to trucking companies; energy firms to limo companies, and pretty much anything you can think of in between.

The common theme for many of our clients is a need to get the attention of potential customers and to deliver a message in an interesting and compelling way. There is a skill to delivering such a message, to be sure, and our clients have experienced amazing results. One of the people we work with recently shared that, after they watched the video we had created, it only took 15 minutes for her to close business – with a company she had been actively pursuing for more than a year!

Other clients experience 200 or 300% higher open rates in emails when videos are included, and social media views and shares spike significantly across the board when video content is posted. We maintain a network of trusted videographers and production partners from across the United States, and welcome client inquiries from small and mid-size companies from just about anywhere. Here are a few of our core industries:


Our work in higher education is rewarding because capturing the attention of incoming college freshmen – who are saturated with media and ads, all vying for their limited attention – is the type of challenge we enjoy. When creating admissions and college recruitment videos, we believe the best strategy is to create videos that are very authentic, reflective of the college’s vibe and which have an element of fun and excitement. The same principles can be applied to videos that are intended to engage alumni donors, or graduates who are on their way to becoming donors.

We approach each of our education clients with a creative discovery process that is intended to take the admissions or alumni team on a journey to explore the core of their brand, meaning that the end product is uniquely theirs: a reflection of the college, its energy and differentiating qualities.

This Admissions Video was created so that it can be featured on the college’s website, and also shown at College Information Sessions, and emailed out to prospective students. The idea of including a variety of sound clips from faculty, staff and students, adds an air of authenticity and excitement to the video. Graphics were added to enhance the story and to align with the college’s branding.


  • We engaged White Knight Productions to record and edit testimonials. During the taping sessions, WKP were adept at keeping the atmosphere relaxed and fun for the participants. They were attentive listeners and flexible about going 'off script' when doing so would better serve our objective. And, the post-production process was smooth and very collaborative with the final product delivered on time and on budget.

    - Debra Eichten, Cornell University
  • We worked with White Knight to make a video for a scholarship program and could not be more pleased with the results. The White Knight Team was professional, supportive and worked with us to meet a very challenging deadline. Elin and her team are so easy to work with, and walked us through the process from thinking about our message to the final edits. I found their services to be exceptionally affordable and the result is a highly engaging, wonderfully produced video.

    - Anne Burns Thomas, SUNY Cortland
  • White Knight Productions is the total package — an upstate New York gem for any person or business in search of high-quality video at an affordable cost. Perhaps the best indicator of excellent work is repeat business, and our institution has worked with Elin and her team over the past several years on three very successful major student recruitment-focused projects. With each one, the White Knight team surpassed all expectations with regards to vision, communication, revision and, of course, the overall finished product. And even though the staff offers a wealth of talent and experience, there is nothing cookie-cutter about White Knight nor is its crew afraid to try new things. I would highly recommend them to anyone in search of a talented video partner, and I look forward to working with them in the future.
    - Mike Bersani, SUNY Cortland


Because non-profits rely on community support and donations, using videos to tell the stories of the people they help is an excellent way to convey value, and to establish an emotional connection, both with those who they wish to serve and with donors and supporters. Videos can be shared on social media and in newsletters, on websites and in presentations. The possibilities are endless, and the data proves that videos are one of the most effective ways to increase donations and community engagement.

This video tells the story of two young women with special needs who turned a problem into an opportunity to start a baking business, and Special Kneads was born. Learn what motivated them and how they’ve grown their business so far, and where they see it going in the future.


  • What a great production company. Elin and her crew were wonderful to work with. They know their stuff, the quality of their videos was 100% professional.
    - Chuck Haupt, Red Cross “Real Heroes” Project
  • White Knight Productions created webisodes and PSA's for our Mud Gauntlet. They are top notch. The PSA is absolutely fantastic. The entire team is creative, energetic and super talented! Give them a try, you won't be sorry!
    - Mary Kaminsky, Southern Tier AIDS Program
  • Elin and her team did an excellent job on our promo video. We are constantly getting wonderful feedback on the video's professionalism and success in describing our product. The investment we made in this project was well worth it. Thank you, White Knight!
    - Dionne Jackson, Million Dollar Moxie


More than ever before, consumers are exercising their rights to be educated and proactive about where they’re getting their healthcare services.

Whether it’s marketing a hospital system, healthcare provider’s services, or a new medical device, videos can be used to alleviate fear by establishing trust and familiarity. They can also convey patient or user experiences and testimonials, set expectations for patient procedures, and answer common questions.

We created this video to introduce patients to the da Vinci Surgery procedures, specifically for treating prostrate cancer. Using the power of story to convey the information establishes trust and a level of comfort for prospective patients.


  • I had the pleasure to work with White Knight Productions for a training video project. They were very professional and easy to work with. Their creative work exceeded our expectations and we were overall very pleased. We will for sure use them in the future for other video projects.
    - Ben Fichter, Bioelectronics
  • We liked the entire process, from start to completion. Mostly, we enjoyed working with the fantastically creative team at White Knight Productions.
    - Keith Leahey, Mental Health Association of the Southern Tier
  • I have worked with White Knight for more than 5 years. Elin's team is experienced and affordable. I have been pleased with their fresh approach to a branded promotional video series; their management of a complex documentary-style video project; as well as their quick and efficient commercial radio production. No matter the size of your project, White Knight will be attentive to your goals and deliver a product you are proud to share.
    - Melissa Tourtellotte, Guthrie Healthcare Systems