Southern Tier Real Heroes

One of the best parts about working with clients is building relationships through years of collaborative work. We are so grateful to have had the opportunity of working with the Southern Tier’s Chapter of the American Red Cross for the past few years and to have seen some of the amazing work they do firsthand. The American Red Cross didn’t let the pandemic stop them from bringing people disaster relief or helping people prevent, prepare for and respond to emergencies. This year, The American Red Cross worked with us to create a virtual event which allowed them to raise funds for disaster relief within our community. The 11th annual event, called  “The 2020 Southern Tier Real Heroes Event”, celebrates the spirit of humanitarianism and honors those who have shown courage, dedication, and unselfish character by their acts of heroism in our community.


Virtual Event Success

The event was a great success and raised over $69,000 to support the life-saving blood, disaster relief, military, preparedness, and health and safety services that the Red Cross has been providing to the Southern Tier community for more than 135 years. Some of the social media highlights from the event include;

  • 811 total number of Facebook profiles reached
  • 60 Facebook profiles expressed interest with the event page
  • 6.6k Twitter impressions reached during event week
  • 141 total unique page views during the event week


Impact on Southern Tier, NY

The American Red Cross helps to make your community a better place by providing relief efforts and resources to those in need. Check out some of these statistics about The American Red Cross that the funding raised will help support.

  • Has held 1,317 blood drives
  • Responded to 75 local disasters
  • Assisted 344 individuals with emergency food, clothing, shelter, medications, and more during local disasters
  • Installed 678 free smoke alarms as part of the Home Fire Campaign


We look forward to working with The American Red Cross again, and helping our community to become a better place! For more of our weekly blogs check them out here