Speaking To A Digital Audience!

Speaking to a screen and a digital audience is something that everyone got used to during the pandemic. Despite all the practice, we all know someone who still sits too close to the camera or in front of a bright window.

Eye Contact is Key for a Digital Audience

In this video, we talk with Kerry Barrett about one of the key things to get right when speaking to a digital audience – eye contact.

Kerry is a producer, reporter, Emmy Award-winning anchor, and Founder of Kerry Barrett Consulting, where you can boost your business, brand, and expertise by bringing out your inner rock star to get the performance of your life.

Video Transcript:

All they see is you looking them in the eye and that is, outside of a smile, hands down the easiest way to establish rapport and build a connection.

Welcome to Amplify:

Welcome to Amplify with White Knight Productions. I’m your host, Gavin Tice. At White Knight, we’re all about amplifying voices through storytelling. And in this series, we’ll be connecting with industry professionals who know how to boost messages far and wide. Today, we’re very excited to talk with Kerry Barrett.

So, what are some ways that you can develop some better public speaking skills?

One of the things that people really struggle with is where they should look when they are talking on camera.

And, if you were talking to someone in person, generally speaking, you would look them in the eye. You wouldn’t be having a conversation with you here and me looking down over here at what you can only assume is, hopefully, not something else entirely different, but a monitor that has your face on it, and that’s why I’m looking in this direction. Really though, you’re here, right?

making eye contact with your digital audience

When I look here, this is where you can see me looking you in the eyes. When you are talking, you should be looking into that little camera right up at the top of your monitor, the one that I just covered with my finger. And I know that that feels weird because when you do that, you can see the faces below you or wherever they are, and you feel like you should be looking at them.

But when you’re looking at them, you’re actually not looking the person in the eye. So, Gavin, I’m now looking at your face. But when you’re looking at me in the monitor, you can clearly see that I’m not looking at you; I’m looking down at something. When I’m looking like this, that’s when I’m looking you in the eye.

And so I always have to remind people, as weird as it feels, remember… the person on the other side doesn’t feel any of that.

All they see is you looking them in the eye and that is, outside of a smile, hands down the easiest way to establish rapport and build a connection, especially when you’re only speaking to someone or a group via a computer. Right? If you are lacking that eye contact portion, you are missing out on a massive opportunity.



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