Three Pointers for Success with Video Marketing

Have you ever wanted to use video for your company but didn’t know where to start? Let us be your GPS and give you three pointers to get you going in the right direction with your video marketing.

First: What is the purpose in the video?

The first video you make should introduce your company and explain your product or service. Perhaps the video could be you speaking to the camera, or an animation, or an interview, or a different style. Other videos can go into detail about the product, promote the product in a different style, or just inform your viewer in general.

Second: Who are you marketing to?

Know the demographic of people that you want your product to reach, and formulate your videos with them in mind. Is this product geared towards millennials, stay-at-home parents, artists, or someone else? Where will they be watching this video – Facebook, YouTube, TV, your website? Where geographically do these people live? These factors will determine how you create the style of the video.

Third: What do you want the video to accomplish?

This is part of your call-to-action, typically occurring at the end of the video. Here, depending on the video, you can direct the viewers to your website to purchase your product or service. If the video was an informational video, you can direct people to the next informational video in the series. Maybe you are hoping to build your subscriber count on YouTube. Then you would direct people to “like and subscribe” – like your video, and subscribe to your channel. Another way to word this question is, “How will this successful video help your company?”

You can always contact us with any question you might have. We can help you formulate your script, figure out who you are marketing to, and of course, create your video. We’re here to make your company’s videos successful.