The Story Arc


“Video is an intermediated conversation.” – Dan Grech, BizHack Academy

The above quote is so true. When you speak on video, you are actually speaking to people, just at a different time and place. 

But how should your video flow? What does your viewer want to know?

The main things you need to cover in your video are:

  • Who?
  • What?
  • Why?
  • How?


Who are you?

Introduce yourself and your company. 

People like to know who they are listening to. It adds a personal touch. Yes, we can infer that the person on screen is associated with the company, but it doesn’t hurt to introduce yourself and give your title at the company. You can list some personal or company accolades here. Don’t start out with all your accolades though; you need to get to the next point quickly. 


What is your product?

Describe your product/service to the viewer. 

Broadly, what does your product do? What does your service assist with?

One of the big things here is to explain why your product/service is different from all of the other ones out there. You can list some accolades or customer reviews it has received, or just an explanation of how it is better than the others. 


Why do I need it?

Indicate the problem and show that your product/service is the solution. 

(This step and the previous step could be reversed in some cases.)

This step is probably the majority of your video. If you are a roofing company, you need to tell your viewers the importance of a durable roof to avoid water dripping into their living rooms! If your product/service is more a novelty, show your audience that this is needed to round out their collections, improve the curb appeal of their home, etc. Show the necessity.


How do I get it?

Tell your viewer where to go to get more information or to purchase your product/service.

This is part of the call to action. And it’s one of the most important steps. Don’t give all the details about your product/service and end the video. You almost always need a call to action. To learn more about writing a call to action, read our blog about it by clicking here!

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