Things You Might Not Know About Video

Although there are many parts of video production that are easy to understand, some concepts are opposite of what one would normally think is best. They are things that seem incorrect, but actually make for better video. The following are not set-in-stone rules. They are guidelines for most videos, but not all videos. The big thing to remember is what the style of the video should be to reach your clients and match your brand.


Direct Sunlight is Not the Best Lighting


You’d think direct sunlight lighting is the way to go. But, direct sunlight produces hard shadows. And while hard shadows can be useful for certain moods you may be trying to portray, for the most part they should be avoided. You can overcome this by diffusing or bouncing the light. Filming on a cloudy day can be a great solution too, since the clouds will diffuse the sunlight.


Centering the Subject is Not the Best Framing


Sometimes, centering the subject makes the footage too symmetrical. For interviews, try using the rule of thirds instead. Sit the subject on the left or right third line, looking slightly towards the opposite side of the frame. An exception is when the person is speaking to the camera; then it might be best to have them centered. Or maybe symmetry is the look you are going for, in which case, center away!


Less Can Be More


A simple video is all you need sometimes. If the voiceover is engaging enough, you might only need some text animation or B-roll shots that correspond to the voiceover. Say you want to show the peaceful outdoors. You could do this by having long shots of landscapes that show their tranquility. For a video like this, you might not want flashy graphics. Of course, there are instances when a complex video is required. It’s all about the emotion you want the viewer to feel.


Right when you think you have video all understood, there comes new complexities. But isn’t this how we learn? We know one skill, then we practice something new until we master it. Then we are better than we were before.

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